Splitting payments

Groupee is the best way to accept split payments.

We make group dining effortless, allowing you to instantly split a bill with up to 20 friends at your favourite bars, restaurants and cafes, through your smartphone.

For diners, there's no more lining up to pay, no more hunting down an ATM, no more bill awkwardness.

For merchants, Groupee increases bill efficiency and accuracy, speeds up table turnover.

For waiters, Groupee turbo charges the size of your tips.

"Groupee is solving a genuine problem that we face everyday at Catalina. We are excited to be using a new technology which speeds up and simplifies the process of finalising group bills, saving us money and enabling us to get back to offering exceptional service to our customers. We are proud to be offering Groupee to our customers!"

Judy McMahon

Catalina Rose Bay

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