Groupee splits bills so you don’t need to.

Groupee replaces cards with diners phones. There is no annoying hardware required and no POS integration. 

Simply drop the bill, allow the customer to set up the payment, return to check and authorise the entry and in seconds you’re done. No cards, no mistakes, no stress.

Groupee will:

  • Improve your bill payment efficiency
  • Speed up table turnover
  • Significantly increase tips

The detail:

  • No lock in contracts or invoices, free to join
  • Activate in under 5 minutes and begin using Groupee
  • Simple fee structure: 1.5% of transactions
  • Daily reconciliation ensuring fast access to funds
  • Flexibility to cancel at anytime

Register with Groupee and start taking payments from your next service. View our growing list of partner bars, restaurants & cafes.

"Groupee is solving a genuine problem that we face everyday at Catalina. We are excited to be using a new technology which speeds up and simplifies the process of finalising group bills, saving us money and enabling us to get back to offering exceptional service to our customers. We are proud to be offering Groupee to our customers!"

Judy McMahon

Catalina Rose Bay