Valentines Day… Flowers are delivered to workplaces, oversized teddies are stuffed into cars, chocolate is devoured and reservations are made for romantic dinners. Most forget to think about one small detail in that evening of romance: the bill.


The waiter walks by and places that little black book on the table. Many dread its arrival. It has started arguments over who will pay. There may be feelings of regret knowing you just depleted your bank account, or there may be feelings of guilt for asking to split the cost with the other person.

It’s 2017, should you ask your partner or date to split it?

While it’s more traditional for a man to pay than it is to split the bill, times & technologies have changed meaning that this tradition is well & truly being challenged. The man paying for the meal is a common courtesy that dates back to the 18th century. Women at that time didn’t really have a source of income, so it was custom for the man to pay. This continued to rub off from generation to generation.

We now live in a society where women don’t rely on men like they did centuries ago. Due to this, many men don’t think its fair to pick up the entire bill & some woman feel uncomfortable not being given the option to split it.

Groupee is easily the way to pay this Valentines Day. It’s speed & efficiency removes the awkwardness of asking your companion for cash or their card & you can both receive discounts to make your romantic dinner slightly less painful on your wallet (first time users can take $5 off their share of the bill by using promo code ‘GIMME5’).

If you are wanting to treat or impress your date, you can also pick up the whole tab & pay with Groupee by yourself. This means you won’t need to wait for a waiter to process your card, line up to pay or need to find an ATM to withdraw cash. Simply tap ‘1’ when asked how many people are paying.

Take $10 off your share of the bill when paying with Groupee on Valentines Day! Enter code ‘VALENTINES’ to redeem.

As holidays like Valentine’s Day approach, let Cupid do his job, and remember this day is for expressing your love to the person you care for. Let the bill be the least of your worries and enjoy your evening.

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