Who is getting sick and tired of splitting the bill? Transferring to  your friend or patiently waiting on that one stingy mate who ‘forgets’ to transfer, is bloody frustrating. Well guess what? We have a solution to this painful issue with Groupee.

Groupee, which can be downloaded for free on Apple and Android devices, allows you to quickly and efficiently split a bill with up to 20 friends at your favourite bars, restaurants and cafes. No more lining up to pay, no more hunting down an ATM to withdraw cash & absolutely no more need to send bank account details or chase up those who never paid you back. Don’t you hate those people?

Over 200 of Sydney’s best dining venues are signed up to the app and we popped into one of our fave spots, the Butler to test it ourselves. It’s about time someone made splitting the bill easy.

To pay, one person simply enters the bill total on the app, selects the number of people they’ll be splitting it with, shares the bill code with their friends and waits for them to appear on screen. The waiter then makes sure the amount being paid matches the bill total, enters the venue’s unique Groupee verification code and it’s done. It’s that simple. A quick three minute process- how good!


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