As customers, we’ve all experienced the frustration that comes with dining out in a group and not being able to split a bill. There’s the struggle to find an ATM, count the cash and figure out who has shorted the bill. Or maybe one person pays and has to wait for their friends to repay them their share later… it can put quite a dampening on the entire restaurant experience.


For restaurant owners, the issue of splitting the bill is a much bigger one. The hassle of processing multiple cards or cash takes time away from serving other patrons and the bill has to be checked carefully to make sure everything has been covered.

Groupee has now launched into select bars, restaurants & cafes around Sydney including iconic venues The Paddington Inn, China Doll & Indigo Double Bay. The app (which is free to download) aims to make the process effortless by allowing patrons to quickly split a bill with up to 20 friends without even leaving their table.

It’s clear how handy Groupee is for customers, but what do restaurants get out of it?

It’s really easy to signup

To accept Groupee payments, a merchant needs to register their business. Fortunately, the app was designed to make this part of the process effortless. To register your business, all you need to do is download the app (App Store or Google Play), tap ‘I am a new merchant’, enter a few business details & verify your identity. Once you’ve done that, your business will appear on the app & you can start accepting payments! Unlike other payment ‘systems’ Groupee requires NO integration and absolutely no fuss.


Accepting payments couldn’t be easier

Unlike the traditional way of accepting group payments where waitstaff would need to individually charge multiple cards, count cash or do a dreaded combination of both, accepting Groupee payments only takes seconds. The bill is set up by the customers, meaning that all the waiter needs to do is make sure the amount being paid matches the bill total, enters the venue’s unique Groupee verification code and it’s done. The funds are then transferred in one lump payment regardless of how many people split the bill.

The largest Groupee payment to date was a table of 19 at Paddington Inn. What would have been a dreaded situation for any waiter quickly became a simple task that was completed in only a few seconds. “We’ve experienced just how it makes serving large tables faster. Seeing a table of 19 pay in seconds using the app showed just how useful it can be” said the venue’s Manager.

Restaurants will serve more tables & make more money

As Groupee speeds up the payment process, customers will be out the door sooner. This means that tables that would usually be occupied by groups deciding how to pay or dividing up cash are now free to be cleaned & offered to new customers.


Waitstaff receive more tips. Fact.

Groupee allows each user to discretely select how much they’d like to tip. This has resulted in the average gratuity from a Groupee user sitting at 16% – significantly higher than the 10% industry average.

Groupee supports merchant’s growth

Groupee records & can provide valuable data and marketing support to help bar, restaurant and cafe managers develop their business and understand customers in new, valuable ways. Registered venues are also featured in regular email, social and digital marketing campaigns that are targeted at Groupee users to encourage them to visit.15

Want to see how Groupee works for yourself? If you’re a customer, download Groupee for free now from the App Store or Google Play. Are you a merchant? Download the app or click HERE to quickly register your business and start accepting Groupee payments today!