Groupee has now launched into select bars, restaurants and cafes (with more added weekly) and makes splitting the bill with friends an absolute breeze! You’ve downloaded the app and quickly made an account… but now what? Here’s how it works!

  1. Make sure you & your friends have downloaded Groupee (for free) from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Go to a registered bar, restaurant or cafe (the list of these can be seen by tapping ‘host’ on the app)
  3. Ask your waiter for the bill
  4. One person hits ‘Host’, and quickly sets up the payment
  5. Everyone else hits ‘Join’ and enters a 5-digit code (this appears on the host’s screen)
  6. Individually enter how much you’d like to tip
  7. Ask your waiter to sign off the payment.
  8. Leave! There is no need to line up to pay or wait for the staff to process multiple cards or cash. 


You can also save money simply by inviting friends to split the bill with you. Visit the Promotions section of the app to find your unique promo code. Share this with friends and once they’ve entered it into the ‘Add Promo Code’ section of the app, you’ll both save on your next split! The more friends you invite, the more you’ll save.

Have a favourite bar, restaurant or cafe where you’d like to pay with Groupee? Send us an email and if they register to accept Groupee payments, you’ll receive a $50 credit to your account!