Whether you’re grabbing lunch with a friend, sharing a meal with your in-laws or going for a birthday dinner with a large group of friends, awkwardness is inevitable when the bill arrives and everyone silently wonders how to pay.

These situations are made even worse when restaurants and cafes don’t allow you to split the bill, meaning that either one person has to pick up the whole tab or you have to venture to an ATM to withdraw cash. It is from this awkwardness and frustration that Groupee was born!

Groupee is an app that allows you to painlessly split the bill with friends without even leaving your table. All you need to do is download the app, dine at a registered Groupee venue, enter the total price of the bill, invite your friends to join and it’s done! The whole process only takes seconds, meaning that the days of lining up to pay individually are now well and truly behind you.

As well as being quick and convenient, Groupee allows you to SAVE at your favourite venues simply by inviting friends to use the app. Sounds pretty good, right?

Download Groupee now from the App Store or Google Play and experience just how easy splitting the bill with friends now is!