Let’s take a trip down memory lane to remember what the restaurant experience was like before technology began shaking everything up…

You either wandered around looking for a restaurant or called ahead of time to book a table, you were seated at whichever table was free, the waiter wrote your order down on a notepad, you ate, paid in cash and received change from the register.

The only one of these steps left untouched it would seem is eating.

Today, many restaurants are using the internet to entice you to eat there. When you want to find a restaurant to dine at, you use Google, review sites or social media. To check if you will like it, you look at their Facebook page, Instagram feed and the menu on their website.

You no longer need to call a restaurant to book a table as you’re now able to do so through their website or booking sites like Dimmi. When booking ahead of time, you can request a specific table or area of a restaurant and some places even allow you to tailor menus if you have a large group or are celebrating a special occasion.

When you get to the restaurant, you may be able to use free WiFi, order via iPads or screens and some food and drinks are created and plated so that not only do you enjoy eating them, but you’ll actually think they look so good that you’ll post photos of it to social media.

When it comes time to pay, you can now obviously use credit or debit cards or even pay with your phone using Apple or Android Pay.

Despite all of these technological advances, splitting the bill with another person or group has still remained as quite an issue because processing multiple cards take a considerable amount of time. This is why Groupee was created! Groupee is an evolution of how groups pay, designed specifically to allow customers to split their bill in a matter of seconds, in turn increasing restaurant efficiency, table turnover & revenue.

Groupee is available for download on the App Store & Google Play & will be launching into select bars, restaurants & cafes mid-November.