Tipping in Australia is a confusing business… We’ve all experienced the awkwardness of seeing the ‘add-tip’ screen appear on an EFTPOS machine and not known how much money, if any would be appropriate.

So, should we be leaving tips and if so how much? Ask any hospitality worker and they’ll say, “always, and at least 10 percent”. Despite this, there is no requirement to tip in Australia. Essentially, it’s a discretionary reward you can give wait staff if you feel that you’ve received great service.

In the United States tipping is widespread. This is because wait staff earn a much smaller wage than their Aussie counterparts who earn a fixed amount. Due to this, you shouldn’t feel bad about not leaving a tip at Australian venues if you aren’t happy with the service but it is encouraged if you are.

If you’re dining and paying with a group, it can be awkward deciding whether or not to leave a tip whilst your friends and peers are watching. To avoid this AND save time when paying, download Groupee from the App Store or Google Play and pay using the APP.

Groupee is an extremely fast and efficient way of paying in groups, and also gives you the discretion and freedom to decide how much you’d like to tip without any of your friends seeing.