We’ve all been to a bar, restaurant or cafe in a group. Whether it’s for a birthday dinner, a hungover brunch or an awkward catch-up with the ex, these experiences always seem to have one common issue… paying.

Why do some places still not allow us to split the bill? Why do we have to do the maths ourselves, line up forever or even have to leave to withdraw cash from an ATM? Well, the answer is really quite simple.

Restaurants serve tables, not people.

Food and drinks are designed to come out together and the dining experience is streamlined around tables, not individuals. Unfortunately, this extends into the payment process too.

Processing multiple cards or cash payments can take quite some time and once you’ve stopped ordering, the restaurant has stopped making money off your table. Consider the fact that your waiter is probably serving multiple other tables at the same time as yours as well… Splitting your bill is extremely inconvenient for them.

A number of restaurants have realised how frustrating that this is for their customers & have teamed up with us to offer the ideal solution!

The Groupee app is available for download now from the App Store & Google Play. It allows you to quickly and efficiently split the bill with 2-20 people without even leaving your table. Rather than the waiter wasting time processing multiple cards, you’re able to pay right from your phone in only a matter of seconds!

Find a venue that accept Groupee payments by downloading the app now!