WE’VE all been there.

You’ve enjoyed a pleasant meal out with friends, then the bill arrives and when it comes to splitting it, someone wants to pay on card, someone else has cash and that guy has forgotten his wallet entirely (jerk).

Or, for a refreshing spin on payment pain, the restaurant doesn’t condone bill-splitting and one poor punter is left footing the bill and chasing up the other diners for their share.

Jarred Baker understands how this moment can ruin a great dining experience better than most.

As a waiter at the iconic Catalina Rose Bay restaurant, the 29-year-old witnessed plenty of these awkward moments first hand.

“I realised that split bills was a real pain point for both restaurants and customers,” he explains.

“I knew from first hand experience that making this process easier would benefit so many people.”

And with that, Groupee was born. The app — which is available on both iOS and Android — allows the customer to split a bill with up to 20 people at participating bars, restaurants and cafes.

To pay, one person simply enters the bill total on the app, selects the number of people they’ll be splitting it with, shares the bill code with their friends and waits for them to appear on screen. The waiter then makes sure the amount being paid matches the bill total, enters the venue’s unique verification code and it’s done. No more need to send bank account details or chase up those who never paid you back.

From the restaurant or bar’s point of view, the app promises to “increase staff’s efficiency and accuracy, speed up customer turnover and increase tip yield and venue profitability”.


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