One of the most frustrating things to see when you’re out for a group dinner or a hungover brunch is the dreaded ‘no split bills’ sign. Why does this exist? Why do some restaurants make it so hard for us to pay?

As annoying as it may be, it’s perfectly legal for businesses to accept or refuse any type of payment they like. If they want to be ‘cash-only’, they can. If they don’t want everyone you’re out for brunch with to pay individually, then they don’t have to let you.

Don’t like it? “Go to another restaurant” is the consumer law approach.

There is no legally-backed consumer right to demand that a bill can be split in Australia. Restaurants generally resist split bills because they take up lots of staff time — each person has to pay individually, and then the bill has to be checked to make sure everything has been covered. Others embrace the concept, hoping it will attract more customers. Approaches vary, so it always pays to check if you’re out in a group.

Times are changing though and in response to an increase in customers requesting to split their bills, many are now accepting group payments through Groupee!

Groupee is now available at bars, restaurants and cafes and allows you to split a bill with up to 20 people in a matter of seconds right from the comfort of your table.


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